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Vintage Recipes

Here are some great recipe collections and vintage recipe books from over the years, click the links below to download your PDF copy:

Smackin' Good Meal Ideas from Minute Rice - 1949

Smackin' Good Meal Ideas with the New Minute Rice (pocket sized booklet published 1949).  Already cooked!  Can't fail! Food discovery of the year!  A collection of recipes - quick fix dinners and more ...  click here. (846 kb)
Let's Have a Cook-Out! (pocket sized booklet published 1958). For meal time recipe ideas for the outdoors, click here. (4.6 MB)

Exciting World of Rice Dishes (pocket sized booklet published 1959). Prepare quick and easy recipes, click here. (3.6 MB)

Casseroles and Compliments with Minute Rice (pocket sized booklet published 1966). Menu ideas planned for family and company meals.

Suppers and Luncheons (3.92 MB); More Luncheons & Parties (1.75 MB)

Collector's Recipes from Minute Rice (pocket sized booklet published 1967) . A collectors edition of recipes from Minute Rice advertisements.

Pages 2 through 25 (2.9 MB) and Pages 26 through 48 (2.8 MB)

Fast Fabulous Meals (published 1990). Rice as a starting point for soups, salads, main dishes and more ... over 100 recipes.

Appetizers and Soups (1.9 MB); Salads (1.8 MB); Meat Entrees (2.1 MB); Poultry Entrees (2.3 MB); Seafood Entrees (1.8 MB); Side Dishes (2.2 MB); and, Desserts (1.5 MB)

Eating Smart with Minute Rice (pocket sized booklet published 1992/93). Carry your meal in style ... with Minute - America's Favorite instant Rice.

Great taste without the wait! (1.2 MB)
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