Minute® Brown Rice is ready in 10 minutes, is naturally wholesome precooked parboiled whole grain brown rice with a rich nutty taste and slightly chewy texture.

Minute® Jasmine Rice is an aromatic white rice from Thailand, it is known for its distinctive aromatic scent, is soft and fluffy and has a subtle, sweet buttery flavor.  Fluffy and delicious Minute Jasmine Rice is simply precooked, then dried with nothing added but convenience.

Rice and Quinoa is a blend of four popular gluten free 100% whole grains ... ready in only 10 minutes. Brown rice, Thai red rice, wild rice, and quinoa are pre-portioned in 4 separate bags for ease of preparation.

Minute® Premium Rice is delicious, precooked, parboiled long grain rice is fluffy, has separate golden colored grains, requires no cooking and is ready in only 5 minutes.

Minute® White Rice is the original instant rice! Fluffy and delicious, Minute Rice is enriched, precooked, long grain rice that’s ready in just 5 minutes – no cooking required.
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